For those interested in running for the board, or just curious in general how it functions. This may be updated in order to better reflect the positions and all they entail. 

The minimum duties of a board member is being at the board meetings, hosting two events a month (so what would normally be checking ID's at the door, but is now hosting the zoom room), volunteering at the monthly party (when they do happen), and trying to fill up the events by organizing classes (so finding instructors for them, etc). Granted there is an understanding that life happens so can't always do the things, all long as its communicated beforehand so other's can fill in.

All of the positions are as follows. 

Executive (named with the state): President, VP, treasurer, secretary.

Others: Volunteer Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Merchandise, Info Officer, Equipment manager. 

President is supposed to oversee, run the board meetings, and is usually the liason with the lawyer and other people as necessary. 

VP is supposed to pick up the slack wherever necessary, and currently has been in charge of the newsletter but that can go to info or secretary. VP’s secondary role is supporting the President in the event they can't do something (ex, can't make it a board meeting, etc). 

Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at the meetings. 

Treasurer is in charge of finances, so keeping tabs on the bank account, revenue, giving reimbursements, etc.

Volunteer Coordinator has the job of being in charge of the ambassadors, giving X points to presenters and volunteers, organising the volunteers for parties and larger events, etc and has recently also been doing the DM coordinator job. 

Merchandise is in charge of keeping the current merch, ordering new stuff when supply is low, etc. 

Equipment manager has been combined with Merch at the moment. 

Info officer has the responsibility to post events on the website, fetlife, and the google calendar, as well as keep an eye on incoming emails, post announcements, etc.

You can definitely say you do not want to do certain positions, especially the executive ones if you cannot be named with the state.