Hello all you Kinksters!

This is Bodhi, your new Club X President. The board thanks you all for your patience, support, and understanding as we go through some unexpected but fortuitous changes. We will be communicating, as a whole, with the membership soon to provide you further updates and keep you in the loop. For now, we would like to share a few things.

First off, thank you, Duke! We have appreciated your friendship, support, resourcefulness, and leadership. You captained the ship with a crew of volunteers, and helped each of us grow and learn from the experience. Best wishes in your new adventure!

Secondly, thank you, Heather! As Duke alluded, one of the officer changes happening with our board is Heather's role as Vice President. Her official last day as a board member is November 18. Heather, you have been a tremendous contributor to the success of our club, both on and off of the board. Your commitment, dedication, and involvement has spanned 4-years as a board member, without even considering the years you volunteered prior to that! You have been such a valuable addition to this club, and to our community. With heartfelt gratitude, we wish to thank and honor Heather for her many years of service!

Next, I'd like to acknowledge Sereana! Many of you know Sereana as the ultimate Volunteer and Ambassador Coordinator; she is those things and SO much more! You have given your time and energy to this club behind the scenes, in the trenches, and on the forefront - you not only gets things done, but you do them with a smile! You give yourself to this club, and share the journey with others looking for ways to give back to their community. Your heart and passion for people is evident, and we thank you for stepping in to the role of Vice President.

I would like to take this moment and thank all of the Club X Board Members! I appreciate each and every one of you; there are so many unseen, working parts that you all do to ensure we fulfill the club's purpose to our members and community. We will update the Club X Website, Fetlife Profile, and Group Page with the proper points of contact in the upcoming days. Thank you for being part of something bigger than our own personal, individual lives; your volunteerism goes a long way.

Lastly, thank you to YOU, the membership and the community as a whole, for your support, patience, and understanding. I will do my best as your board elected president, I am glad to not be embarking on this endeavor alone. We have a great team, and look forward to serving you as best we can.

Thank you, again.

Stay Kinky San Diego,