• If you are at least 18 years old, you can become a part of this cohesive and comprehensive organization no matter what your experience or degree of interest. We also encourage all interested like-minded adults to attend any of our workshops, discussions or socials/mixers without signing up for membership, although we do request donations from non-members so that we can continue funding our mission! Club X Members range in life experience from the very novice and curious to the very seasoned and informed, but we are all searching and joyful persons sharing common interests. We don’t care about your gender, sexual orientation, color, politics or religion, just your healthy interest in SM and your desire to learn more about it. We are a Club comprised of warm and real people!

    Membership benefits include:

    • FREE BDSM education
    • Discounted tickets to superb play parties
    • Member discounts at local businesses
    • Access to kink-friendly resources (legal, medical, etc.)
    • Exposure to new play styles
    • Meet new and interesting people
    • Acceptance / community support
    • Volunteer opportunities to earn Xpoints
    • Friendship and camaraderie 

    How to Join:

    1. Sign up for an online account here: https://clubxsd.org/Account/Signup
    2. Make sure to write down your Member Id from the Edit Profile page here: https://clubxsd.org/Profile
    3. Come to any event, including the New Member Orientation, and verify that you are over the age of 18 with a Board member.
    4. Pay membership dues here: https://clubxsd.org/Membership. Dues are $35.00 for the first person, per year. Additional people are only $30.00 each when purchased at the same time!

    If you have Membership Inquiries, you may contact the Club X Membership Coordinator from the Contact Us page.