CoEd BDSM Discussion

Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Location: Denny's
1065 Camino del Rio South San Diego CA 92108
Cost: Attendance is free, but please support the venues
Dress: Street Legal. Denny's appropriate.
Host: Sheperddom

Meet your host, Jamie

"I am fortunate and honored to be in service to you at the Club-X Coed BDSM Discussion Group. I am committed to creating an evening of friendship, fun, sharing and learning. ALL experience and knowledge levels are welcome. EVERYONE is invited to take part. Come join us for a stimulating evening."

Held on the third Tuesday of every month, the Coed BDSM Discussion Group is a free, informal discussion group for anyone over 18.

All genders, identifications, and dynamics meet monthly to discuss issues of mutual interest concerning bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, masochism and other related topics.

Although this is a Club-X event, you need not be a member to attend.

This location features the right blend of seating, menu, ease of access, parking and location. We will be in the meeting room toward the back. Steer left at the front desk and then turn right.

The meeting room is completely enclosed with glass walls so noise from outside the room won't interfere with the speaker! The room will have our familiar horseshoe layout. The staff are friendly, professional and eager to please. I think you’ll enjoy the place.

This is a Club-X event brought forth with a deep sense of community. Join us with your questions, hopes, thoughts, experiences and stories. Please bring your open mind, good cheer and camaraderie.

Here’s what to expect.
The room is open at 7:00pm so we can find seats and get food and drink ordered. Discussion starts at 7:30pm. The meeting is free and you need not order food or drink. No coupons please! Our group also makes sure that the server is both ok with, and old enough, for our adult discussions.

I sit where I can see & hear everyone and have enough light to read my notes. There is no assigned seating so feel free to sit anywhere.

I start every meeting with a self-introduction and take a moment to remind the group of our intentions. I remind everyone about the ground rules. I also point out that the server is cleared and that if you appreciate the service, to please tip generously; groups are hard on the servers.

Then we have an ice-breaker and move into the discussions.

Everything we do at the Coed BDSM Discussion is voluntary.
That includes the ice-breaker and all the discussion. I encourage people to express themselves freely (we meet in a private room) but nobody is required to speak. Folks that want to contribute only their listening skills are welcome too.

We do have some agreements to keep the discussion running smoothly:
1. I ask that only one person speak at a time. This helps people hear what’s being said and shows respect for the speaker, the contribution and the speaker’s ideas. This includes refraining from side-talk as well please.
2. Please speak up. There are some attendees that have trouble hearing. Projecting your voice is appreciated by all.
3. I reserve the right to steer you back on topic if you take off on a tangent. It’s not because I’m not interested in what you have to say, it’s because we only have limited time tonight.
4. People raise their hands to be called on. Unfortunately while I’m busy taking notes (I can’t write as fast as you can talk), I may miss someone’s hand. Please help me by pointing out someone I’ve missed. I don’t want to miss anyone’s ideas!
5. Please keep in mind that this is a discussion group in a public venue. This is an arena for exploring ideas only. Please reserve play and demonstrations for another time and place.

If I hear a particularly noteworthy phrase or idea, I may ask if I can quote you. Giving permission to quote you is also voluntary. I would be happy if you said yes but please don’t feel as if you have to.

After the discussion concludes, we take a few minutes for other Club-X and San Diego BDSM event announcements. I generally have several copies of the current and next month’s San Diego event calendars. You can join Club-X, renew or ask questions. We are usually headed to the parking lot by 9:00pm.

The Coed BDSM Discussion was started to fill a need that had existed in San Diego for some time and has been a vibrant fixture in the San Diego BDSM scene for over 17 years.

If you’re shy, uncertain or the least bit hesitant, you can sit by me. There are many wonderful friendly folks at the meeting that will also welcome you. Join us!