Shibari 101

Date: Thursday, November 16, 2017 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Location: Pleasures & Treasures
2525 University Avenue San Diego CA 92104
Cost: Free to Club X members- $5 donation requested of non members
Dress: Street Legal/casual. Tight-fitting bondage-friendly clothing recommended for bottoms
Presenter: Sirbito
Host: Club X

Shibari originated in Japan as an ancient form of torture used on prisoners. While that may sound fun to some, this class focuses on the evolution of Shibari into an artistic form of bondage. Through this class you will learn a brief history of Shibari, basic safety, the different types of rope and of course how to tie.

In each class we will go over two basic ties that will give you a start or help you to expand your journey into Shibari. Whether you are a Top or bottom, this class will be a learning opportunity on how to play in a safe way with rope.

What should I bring?

It is preferred that you bring a partner, but a partner is not required. Everyone who wants will either tie or be tied by the end of the class. If you are attending as a bottom, please wear tight fitting clothes. Women should be sure to not wear an underwire bra. Yoga mats are also encouraged, but not required.

About the presenter:

Sirbito has been kinky since early childhood, staring out the schoolroom window daydreaming about naked and bound women forced to submit to his every whim. Little did he know that someday those fantasies would become reality. When he first joined the community over 10 years ago he was content with leather cuffs, but with much urging by his "captives" he begrudgingly learned about rope. While he still does not consider himself a rope guy, he has come to love the opportunities rope has to offer. His quest to learn has brought him to many public classes, one on one training with several well-known instructors and attendance at rope conferences. With a passion for teaching and a love for rope, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with members of the kink community. After taking a short break from teaching for personal reasons he is excited to once again do his part to introduce the curious and wide-eyed to the wonder we call rope bondage.